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The Viscofan Group considers itself to be another driver within society, and therefore it has a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to create sustainable and balanced value for all the groups of people to which the Company is related, as stated in the “Corporate Social Policy” of the Group.

Society is one of these interest groups, understood in both global and local terms, i.e. the communities where the company operates on a daily basis, which are the regions comprising the 14 countries where Viscofan is present, either with its commercial offices or production plants.

The CSR has thus become the attitude adopted by the company when interacting with people. As a result of dialogue with these interest groups, the company now understands their value expectations and orientates its activity towards achieving these goals ethically and sustainably. This way Viscofan can contribute its resources and know-how to support social initiatives that contribute to the improvement of the environments in which it operates, in particular in two key spheres: health and food, and community development.

  • The Mexican Association for Helping Children with Cancer (AMANC).. Viscofan has signed an agreement by which for the next three years, an annual amount of 10,000 dollars will be designated to support the Association’s work, specifically in the state of San Luis Potosí, where Viscofan has a factory. The donation will help support the treatment of children suffering from the illness, facilitate the accommodation of the children and their families, and provide psycho-social support to the patients and their families. 
  • Spanish Red Cross.. Viscofan is a collaborating partner of the Red Cross, with the aim of supporting all the social action undertaken by this entity in Spain.
  • Nutrition Research Centre of the University of Navarra. Viscofan collaborates with this centre of research to investigate in cutting-edge fields within the area of nutrition, like the new nutritional applications for collagen.

  • Orizont Project. Viscofan collaborates with this Government of Navarre-led project, which aims to finance and advise various agrifood entrepreneurial projects that wish to become established in the region.
  • Entrepreneurial Drive Action. Viscofan has supported the third edition of this programme, promoted by the Government of Navarre, for which it has sponsored a project on food ingredients, offering economic sponsorship and mentoring work.
  • Restoration of the Library of the Leyre Monastery (Navarre, Spain).. Viscofan has signed an agreement by which it will help to restore 15 ancient books of the abbey, dating from the XVI and XVII centuries.
  • Cetena Foundation. Viscofan is part of the Cetena Foundation directed at promoting and developing activities focussed on scientific research, technological development and the promotion of innovation, in order to improve business competitiveness.
  • Collaboration with universities. Likewise, in the area of promoting education and culture, Viscofan is a member of the Association of Friends of the University of Navarre, created for the purpose of supporting teaching and research through the University, and of the University of Navarre Business Foundation, working to facilitate the incorporation of graduates in companies, either through study grants, internships, or through talks and participation in employment forums. Furthermore, Viscofan also collaborates with the Public University of Navarre in this same area.
  • Association for Managerial Progress. Viscofan is part of the APD (Association for Managerial Progress), an entity aiming to promote and up-date the training of management and which actively participates in forums and meetings.
  • US-Spain Council Foundation and Brazil-Spain Council Foundation.. Viscofan is a member of the Board of Trustees of the US-Spain Council Foundation and the Brazil-Spain Council Foundation, both directed at promoting the links present in the various fields of activity between the company and the Spanish, US, and Brazilian institutions.

The Viscofan Group corporate culture is deeply rooted within a series of values that act as a guideline, and are written in the internal “Code of Conduct”. These values are: respecting fundamental human rights, just as stipulated in the United Nations Global Compact to which Viscofan is affiliated; service; quality, which is the permanent direction towards excellence in the work done, whatever it may be, which results in a demanding and engaged work style committed to driving the company forward; entrepreneurship, understood to mean the attitude of pushing forward growth, facing changes with enthusiasm and remaining open to innovation; and a focus on results, which leads the company to working with a view to completing specific targets in all the projects embarked upon.

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