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Viscofan offers the widest range of sausage making products available to the meat industry, in an ongoing endeavour to offer solutions that meet new consumer demands.

In response to all these needs, Viscofan, as the world leader in the production and distribution of customized casings, is the only supplier to produce products in all four technologies: cellulose; collagen; fibrous; and plastic. Viscofan puts every effort into improving and progressing year after year, offering a wide range of products and innovative solutions. In 2015, Viscofan Group sold more than 10.300 product references.

Each of our casings is developed with the aim of shortening times and reducing stages in the production process, in order to generate substantial savings and to contribute to the manufacture of new products and applications.

In order to define the ideal type of casing for each application type, it is necessary to have first-hand knowledge of the specific characteristics of the desired end product (mortadella, frankfurters, mini-snacks, salami, etc.) and the production equipment to be used by our customers.

The Viscofan Technical Support service offered to customers plays a key role in helping them select the right casing from the wide range available. It also informs production of customer needs, suggesting product improvements or changes in order to offer customers the casing that best meets their needs.

Viscofan has positioned itself as “The Casing Company” saving costs and making easier to interact with meat processors. Our customers can choose what kind of technology they want to use depending on the desirable attributes of their product. There are no customers by technology, as customers that purchase the 4 technologies represent more than 50% of Viscofan sales. This trend is becoming even more important as meat processors are more sophisticated.

Cellulose casings

These casings are made using natural cellulose as the raw material and are primarily used in the manufacture of industrially cooked sausages.

Small-calibre cellulose casing is extremely stable, regular and calibre-constant. It ensures quick, uninterrupted production processes because it is extremely easy to peel. It is also ideal for smoking and absorbs colour and flavour perfectly. It can be produced in a wide variety of colours and its high transparency and brightness make the products very attractive. It is particularly suitable for traditional applications such as frankfurters, vienna sausages, hot dogs and rawcured products.

Collagen casings

These casings use collagen as their raw material, obtained from cattle and pig hides, which then undergo complex processing to be made into casings.

This is a clear alternative to natural casings, for the production of fresh and processed sausages alike, in either a straight or curved version. These casings improve the appearance of the sausage, thanks to their smoked properties and perfect development of colour and flavour, meeting the consumer’s demand for a product with a traditional, appetising appearance, ideal for cooked or raw-cured meat sausages alike, allowing for the perfect clipping of the product. Moreover, collagen offers a high resistance of the casing during the stuffing process.

Our classic collagen film, Coffi, and our shirred film with netting, Coffinet, offer new possibilities such as the production of cooked ham, marinated and smoked products. Our products are environmentally friendly, easy to use and ensure optimum end product results.

Fibrous casings

Fibrous casings are cellulose casings strengthened with Manila hemp, making for high strength and a uniform calibre.

Fibrous casings are principally used for large calibre sausages such as mortadella and salami, which require a highly uniform calibre, mechanical strength and easy peelability, whilst always maintaining the natural appearance of the end product.

Fibrous casings stand out for transferring colour and aroma evenly, and the wide variety of shades of colour available enhances the visual appeal of the end product.

Plastic casings

Plastic casings are made from a number of different polymers, as the raw material.

Our extensive variety of plastic casings means we can offer the perfect product for each type of application.

Plastic casings present superior barrier properties to maximize product shelf-life and cooking yields.

Thanks to the wide range of colours, formats and properties available, our casings are able to meet all producer and customer requirements. Ranging from the traditional line to barrier casings, products permeable to smoke and shrink bags.

Viscofan’s plastic casings offer exceptional characteristics like outstanding peeling and slicing properties, greater protection for products that need to keep for a long time, easy product moulding and clipping, and uniform smoked aroma, flavour and colour transferral.


Machines specifically designed to enable Viscofan’s customers to make the most of our casings.

The machines marketed by Viscofan have been developed for those casings which have a special application and for which the meat machinery market offers no suitable solutions.

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